Stereophonics Tour 2018 Bournemouth

The Stereophonics have just announced a new tour.

Stereophonics Tour 2018 Bournemouth is at the BIC on March 5 2018.


The tour is to promote their new album ‘Scream Above The Sounds’, due for release on November 3rd.The first single off the album ‘All In One Night’ is a gentle track with the unmistakeable reflective sound that we’ve come to recognise as classic Stereophonics. The tour kicks off in Aberdeen on the 23rd of February 2018, and finishes in Newcastle on 12th March 2018.

The Stereophonics have released 9 other studio albums in their 20 year career, and fans will be looking forward to ‘Scream Above the Sounds’.

Kelly Jones describes the new album as : ‘… a pretty big sounding record, as in it’s pretty anthemic. It’s got a lot of different sounds, it’s a very contemporary-sounding record. It sounds like us doing whatever it is we do in our 20th year…’.

The Stereophonics played the BIC in December 2015 as part of their “Keep The Village Alive” tour, and received rave reviews!.

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