New Odeon Cinema at BH2 Bournemouth

The brand New Odeon Cinema at BH2 Bournemouth opens to the public on Friday February 10.

The new Odeon Cinema at BH2 Bournemouth has 10 screens

Featuring a giant iSense screen, measuring 16.5m by 7m (54ft by 30ft). Here state-of-the-art 4K digital projectors will deliver almost 9m pixels. This is four times the resolution of a standard screen, making films brighter, clearer and alive with detail. The sound is provided by the cutting-edge Dolby Atmos sound systems that delivers surround sound with incredible clarity.

Apart from the standard and premier seating that we all recognise, some of the screens at the BH2 Odeon will include luxurious reclining seats.

Food and drink will feature highly and cinema-goers will have the option of a bar allowing beer or wine to be taken into the cinema.

Some screens can be converted into ‘Kidzones’ with soft play equipment available during screenings – ideal for kids’ parties!

The new Bournemouth Odeon is very much of the digital age. There is no box office, tickets can be purchased at ticket machines and at some food outlets. Printed posters will be replaced by digital posters.

Bournemouth’s new Odeon cinema is part of the BH2 complex, right next door to the Whitehall Hotel, just a short stroll across our terrace, and out of the gate.

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