Thundercat Racing Bournemouth 2017

Be at Boscombe beach from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 May 2017 to experience Thundercat Racing in Bournemouth.

The third and fourth rounds of the RYA ThunderCat National Championship are on Saturday and Sunday, with practice rounds taking place on Friday.

The course is a 200m x 300m ‘M’ shape along the surf line. This makes a challenging race, and also means spectators will have a great view from the water’s edge or from the high vantage point of the Pier itself.

Round Date Venue
1 & 2 21-23 April Fistral, Cornwall
3 & 4 19-21 May Bournemouth, Dorset
5 & 6 16-18 June Caernarfon, N. Wales
7 & 8 23-25 June Liverpool, Merseyside
9 & 10 11-13 August Clevedon, N. Somerset
11 & 12 29 Sept- 1 Oct Perranporth, N. Cornwall


For those who don’t know, Thundercats are purpose built inflatable rubber catamarans fitted with a 5php engine, and manned by a driver and co-driver.  A quote from the Thundercats website describes the origins as: ” Back in the 80’s a slightly not normal South African decided to strap an outboard motor to a small rubber boat (known then as a pencil boat) and race them down the rapids… a few years later and we have evolved with purpose built 4m inflatable catamarans coupled with a 50hp motor..”

Watch these daredevil racers speed around the course, lifting their vessels up to 6m in the air as they pound the waves.

Here’s some action from the 2016 Thundercat Racing to whet your appetite.


Stay at the Whitehall for a weekend of ThunderCats in Bournemouth.

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