Future Cheer Dance Internationals 2018

Future Cheer Dance Internationals 2016 Europe’s largest cheerleading and dance competition, Future Cheer Dance Internationals, takes place from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July 2018 at Bournemouth International Centre.

The Whitehall Hotel has welcomed cheerleading teams year after year, and looks forward to hosting cheerleading teams 2016. Call the Whitehall on 01202 554 682 to arrange a group booking.

This competition showcases some of the most talented Cheer and Dance teams in the UK, and will see teams being selected for the 2018 World event.

Future Cheer Dance Internationals is Europe’s largest Cheerleading and Dance competition. It offers multiple arenas for Cheerleading, Dance and Warm-Up, all in the same venue.

The BIC is close to the Whitehall Hotel, and just a short walk from shops, restaurants and7 miles of glorious sandy beach. It is also one of the friendliest competitions in the UK.

All European Teams are now eligible to win either an at large and partial paid bids to the USASF World Championships, Florida, at this competition. There is also an opportunity for teams to win prizes in the big Prize Give Away.

Find out more about the competition from Future Cheer