Bournemouth University Graduation Ceremonies

The Bournemouth University Graduation Ceremonies take place at the BIC every year in mid-November.

The Whitehall Hotel offers graduation ceremony accommodation for family, friends, and of course, graduates themselves.

Because the Whitehall Hotel is so close to the BIC we’ve had the pleasure of hosting graduation family groups before, and we look forward to welcoming groups for 2017 graduation. The Whitehall offers B&B accommodation and can include a 3-course dinner as well as flowers and champagne. A family friendly hotel, the Whitehall ensures that grandparents, parents, siblings and other loved ones are all well looked after for this special celebration.

For more information about the ceremonies visit Bournemouth University website.

The Whitehall is less than 5 minutes walk from the BIC.

 Call the Whitehall on 01202 554 682 to book your rooms or use our online booking form.

If there is anything we can do to make you graduation ceremony the memorable day that it should be, please let us know.