The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum is home to the world’s best collection of tanks. It is located in Bovington, Dorset, a pleasant 45-minute drive from Bournemouth.

The museum has nine pwerful exhibitions featuring vehicles that have seen action in all the major wars of the 20th Century.

Tank Museum Exhibitions

The Tank Story –  the story of the tank, from its invention and into the future.

The Trench Experience – Walk in the footsteps of a World War One Soldier.

Warhorse to Horsepower – Explore the rise of the tank and the role of the cavalry.

Second World War – Incredible collection of Second World War tanks.

Battle Afghanistan – The story of some of the fiercest fighting since World War Two.

Vehicle Conservation Centre – Conservation in Action, allowing you to get up close to the vehicles.

Tank Factory – Explore the design and manufacture of British armoured vehicles.

Tank Men – explores the stories of the men who crewed the first tanks between 1916 and 1918.

Tiger Tank Collection – bringing every member of the Tiger Tank family together in one display.

Tank Museum Experiences

Armour Experience Day – at the best armoured Museum in the world.

Tank Experience Day – learn to drive an FV432 tank.

Tanks in Action – see tanks in action and learn how tanks are used in battle.


The much anticipated Tankfest is two days of tank displays and exhibitions that draws tank lovers from around the world. Tankfest usually takes place at the end of June.


Find out more about the Tank Museum on their website.

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