Bournemouth Pier to Shore Zip Wire

The Bournemouth Pier to Shore Zip Wire on Bournemouth Pier is the world’s first Pier to shore Zip Wire.

Launching from a 17.5m high tower at the end of Bournemouth pier, the zip wire travels 250m across the sea to land safely on the beach platform.

After getting a safety briefing and fitting a harness at the bottom of the tower you then have to climb the spiral tower ready to ‘launch’ yourself across the sea.

The dual zip wires means you can ‘zip’ side by side, or even ‘race’ a friend to the beach. The zip wire has already seen its first proposal (she said yes!), and we’re sure it will be the site of many more quirky ‘zip trips’.

The Bournemouth Pier to Shore Zip Wire is incredibly popular and it is advisable to book. It is suitable for ages 6 and up, with a minimum height of 1.3mts and a minimum weight of 30kgs.

It’s high, it’s fast, it’s fun. Don’t miss it!

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