Group Bowling Breaks Bournemouth

Group Bowling Breaks Bournemouth to the Whitehall Hotel are organised by Bowlaway, the specialist bowls tour to Bournemouth organisers.

Bowlaway organise all-inclusive group bowling breaks to Bournemouth all year round, and their goal is to create the most enjoyable, successful and memorable tours for bowlers who will want to return time and time again.

Group Bowling Breaks Bournemouth by Bowlaway

Group Bowling Breaks BournemouthBowlaway is 100% focused on Bowling in Bournemouth. They work with the Bournemouth & District Bowling Association to promote Bournemouth as the best location for bowls tours in the UK.

Bowlaway is owned by Sara & Bernard Uzzell. They are both recent converts to Indoor Bowls, and are personally involved in the business to ensure that every bowls tour is a great success and that bowlers want to return to Bournemouth again and again.

Bowlaway have organised over 200 bowls tours to Bournemouthin the last 4 years – so we are confident that we understand the needs of bowlers!

For more information see the Bowlaway website.